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Beyond lau lau – Young, Jackie M.  Star-Bulletin January 7, 2009
Pomai. Kahuku Sea Asparagus. The Tasty Island Honolulu Food Blog April 5, 2009 
Pomai. Kahuku Sea Asparagus Ahi And Tofu Poke. The Tasty Island Honolulu Food Blog April 7, 2009
Dingeman, Robbie. Seal of Quality a boost for Isle farms. The Honolulu Advertiser, June 7, 2009, A23-A24
KHNL – Shima, Sharie. Healthy sea asparagus thrives on Oahu’s North Shore KHNL NBC 8 Honolulu Hawaii, Live Local Late Breaking News, Oct. 23, 2008
Sea Greens – Shimabukuro, Betty  Sea greens. Starbulletin Vol. 11 Issue 207, July 26, 2006.
Sea Asparagus, Anyone? – Lum, Curtis. Honolulu Advertiser C1 August 8, 2007.
Asparagus Of The Sea – Adams, Wanda A. Honolulu Advertiser Section F September 6, 2006.
Sea asparagus can be a crispy treat with seafood – Staradvertiser January 2011
Sea Asparagus (A Mermaid’s Favorite Vegetable) and Sea Asparagus-Poke Salad –
Food Gal » Blog Archiv » Hawaii Part 3  A Tale of Two Very Different Farmers
Hawaii House Blog  Field Trip
Marine AgriFuture: Harnessing the Power of Sea Vegetables on Oahu’s North Shore
Matters of Extraordinary Unimportance  Only In Hawaii
Nico’s Pier 38, Poke Stop, and The Alley
my RAW adventures  mel vs. sea asparagus
Paesano’s flavors continue to satisfy   Paesano Ristorante Italiano
Recipe  Agedashi Tofu « The FEEDback Project



Sea Asparagus The Salty “Salt-free” Vegetable – Vibrance Magazine issue no. 10, 2014
Two at Turtle Bay – John Heckathorn. Honolulu Magazine March 2008.
The Greener Grass – Kahale, Rose. Hana Hou Volume II number 2, April/May 2008.
Seeking Super-Food Status – Enay, Shara.  Hawaii Business May 2009.
Looking for the Magic – Heckathorn, John. Honolulu May 2009, page 126-134.
Dining Parking-Lot Food The Farmers’ Markets are cookin’, literally. – Hechathorn, John. Honolulu June 2009, page 80-86
Salt Water Nation – Ragosta, Guy 2011 Innov8 September/October 2011. Page 60-61.
Delicacies From Sea and Shore – Adams, Wanda A. 2012 Edible Hawaii Island,  No. 20 Spring 2012.
Bites of Paradise – Joan Namkoong. Aloha Airlines Magazine 2008.
Jesus, Jenny De. Grow Green. Hawaii Home +Remodeling April 2009, page 18-21, Special Promotional Section in Honolulu May 2009.
Sea Asparagus at Ola at Turtle Bay Resort – Honolulu Magazine October 2007
Sea Asparagus Ready For Wide Release – Hawaii Hospitality article 003 October 2007
Two at Turtle Bay – Honolulu Magazine 2008
Stalking Sea Asparagus – Santé Magazine September 2008
Pickled Sea Asparagus   Spring 2012 – Edible Hawaii Islands Spring 2012
Giorni Magazine P130-135
Aunty Ayaハワイのファマケでホロホロ第22回 やっぱり大人気、KCCのファマケ♪(後編) – ハワイの歩き方


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Olakai Ad – Advertisement
Sea Asparagus – Welcome to Inside Fitness I’m Bonnie Kaye with Chef Fred De Angelo at Ola!, at Turtle Bay Resort in Oahu, in paradise!
Gil Gets It Done – Sea Asparagus
Hawaiian Grown TV – Kahuku Sea Asparagus – Marine AgriFuture
Hawaiian Grown TV – Kahuku Sea Asparagus – Ola at Turtle Bay Resort
Hawaiian Grown TV – Kahuku Ogo – Marine AgriFutur
Gil Gets It Done – Sea Asparagus
Inside Fitness with Bonnie Kaye – Sea Asparagus

TV Hawaii: Sea Asparagus to Repair Skin
Healthy sea asparagus thrives on Oahu’s North Shore – KHNL8